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Have you been looking for a friendly dog walking service that you can trust and a full time service that you can rely on when you are away or at work. Olton dog walking will give you that service.


I cover Solihull, Olton, Lyndon, Hall Green, Acocks Green and Shirley.


Knowing all is well at home during the day, will give you piece of mind, especially when the dog walker is qualified to walk your dog and has years of dog training experience.


Owners who work long hours are less likely to have a well exercised dog, which means you are more likely to come home to a dog who is hyper and desperate for exercise and attention and possibly a house that has suffered the destruction of a bored and lonely dog. A tired dog is much more enjoyable to live with.


Mental stimualation and environmental enrichment is one of your dog's primary needs. Daily nourishment assists brain growth and is a necessary part of a dog's development in becoming well balanced and socially confident. I use different ways to keep your dog's mind stimulated when out for a walk.


We look after our customers and their furry friends as they are my best ambassadors, just check out my reiews.


I will only use force-free’ Dog Training and pet care methods. 




also I offer a pop in pet feeding service


Our promise to you


We will walk no more than four dogs at any one time.


We will carry a First Aid Kit designed for dogs in our vehicle.


We will be aware and responsible for other land use -IE keeping your dog away from livestock and Bird habitat areas


We will always have pet business insurance.


We will care for your dog as if it was our own family member, Take in your post and take your bin off the footpath if it's bin day when we walk your dog


All of our equipment is changed every twelve months for the safety of your dogs.



Call Me on  0747 3834131

or email: doug@oltondogwalking.co.uk


Olton Dog Walking 47 B92 7JY








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