Business Hours Monday-Friday and Saturday by arrangement. 8-30 A.M to 6 P.M

Olton Dog Walking
Olton Dog Walking

Dog Walking


Group......... £11.00 for a 1 hour walk. + £4.00 per extra dog      

Group......... £ 8.00 for a 30 minute walk. + £2.00 per extra dog

Pop in pet feeding service £7.00 per visit
We can feed your pet and let it out to toilet.
If you have a puppy I will do some one to one training with it while I am walking and feeding it at no extra charge.

Call me on  0747 3834131


Your dogs must have a secure collar with a dog tag. Please see our terms and condition

Our promise to you


We will walk no more than four dogs at any one time.


We will carry a First Aid Kit designed for dogs in our car.


We will be aware and responsible for other land use -IE keeping your dog away from livestock and Bird habitat areas


We will always have pet business insurance.


We will always clear up any dog fouling. 


I change all our leads every twelve months for the safety of your dogs.




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